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How to set up a thriving events business in a pandemic

Posted: 04 February 2022

04 02 22 Best Sleepover Team Warrington 2 Blog

When it comes to parties, we all want to throw an event that’ll be remembered for years to come – but pulling off an unforgettable night is no easy feat. Amanda Booth founded Best Sleepover Ever to put an end to stressful slumber parties once and for all by providing busy parents with the perfect party set-ups complete with dreamy tepees and decor. 

With an array of amazing themes available, Best Sleepover Ever has become the go-to team for magical movie nights and birthday parties. We recently chatted to Amanda to discover how she grew the humble start-up into a thriving events business during one of the most challenging times in the industry. Here’s what she had to say: 

1. Make a good first impression 

Always be professional when dealing with your customers as this is the first and last impression you will leave. As a new business, you need to stand out and impress your clients from the very beginning. If you give your clients 5-star worthy service, they will rate your business favourably, increasing the likelihood of future or repeat bookings. 

2. Always be prepared 

In the events industry, you need to be ready for anything. Ensure you triple check the requirements of each booking so you are ALWAYS prepared. Time spent on fixing mistakes you missed is a waste of your resources and will set you behind for the day. 

3. Plan for the worst  

You never know the environment fully until you arrive and it may require additional time to set up the tents and decor or a completely new plan. If you turn up on time or with time to spare, you'll be able to set up accordingly or rethink your original plan without delaying the party or disappointing the client. 

4. Go the extra mile   

Listen to your customers’ needs and try to exceed their expectations. By paying close attention to the details and giving each set-up your all, you will blow away your clients and ensure that you are the first person they call the next time they want to throw a memorable event. 

5. Plan ahead

As mentioned in tip 3, you need to prepare for the worst to ensure you are always one step ahead. Even if there is a disaster on the day, by being organised and planning your day carefully, you can avoid unnecessary delays. 

Eager to throw a spectacular sleepover but not sure where to start? Check out Best Sleepover Ever’s fantastic themes and set-ups for a night to remember! You can also learn more about their business on our blog

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