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Secure Shredding Services

Our document shredding service allows for the secure disposal of your confidential information, in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

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How shredding works at Storage King


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Certificate of destruction issued via email


Reduce your chance of a security breach

The paperless office is a myth. Employees still regularly print off emails and office documents for meetings to proof read or to sign and then just place them in a recycling bin. Documents with sensitive information can put your business at risk. The same applies to your household documents. Reduce your risk of a security breach by shredding your documents.


Prevent data theft

Identity fraud costs the UK £3.3 billion a year and has affected over a quarter of the UK's adult population. Would you want to take this risk, during a time when cybercrime is on the rise? Secure shredding services can minimise the risk of information getting into the wrong hands.


Enhance privacy protection

40% of data breaches suffered by business and organisations are due to simple human error. By implementing a shred-all policy, you can reduce risk of data loss. If you don’t have a shred-all policy, we strongly recommend you put one in place in your organisation to significantly reduce your privacy risk.


Improve legislative compliance

All organisations in the UK have to comply with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Our secure shredding service provides peace of mind and ensures compliance with the law. With Storage King, certificate of destruction is issued to you once your paperwork is shredded. Are you compliant with this act?


Reduce environmental impact

Every document securely destroyed is recycled, improving your organisations environmental footprint as well as preventing data theft. This is an increasing area of focus for businesses across the UK. If you are not incorporating a recycling programme into your business, perhaps you need to ask why.

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