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Best Sleepover Ever: The team making dreamy slumber parties a reality

Posted: 28 January 2022

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Not many people look at an obstacle and see an opportunity, but that’s exactly what Amanda Booth saw. After searching for a slumber party specialist for her daughter’s birthday, Amanda decided to take matters into her own hands and start a business that promised a night of fun and festivities. 

Today, Best Sleepover Ever set up some of the most spectacular slumber parties in the Northwest. From fresh linens and fairy lights to themed treats and fun decor, the Sleep Team (as they call themselves) provides everything you need for an unforgettable night. The sleepover experts also offer a diversity of dream themes including, bespoke boho teepees, Fortnight fortresses, unicorn utopias and mermaid kingdoms. 

Having grown such a successful business from the ground up, we sat down with Amanda to find out more about her journey and how she turned her passion into a prosperous business. 

How does Best Sleepover Ever take the stress out of slumber parties?

We provide the hire of indoor and outdoor themed tents across the Northwest for sleepover parties and events. Additionally, we offer movie nights, luxe picnics, and most recently, light up numbers. As the Director of Best Sleepover Ever, my role is very hands-on from booking in customers to the set up of each event.

What sparked your decision to set up your own business? 

I was looking for a birthday surprise for my daughter and came across a company that offered indoor sleepover tents for children's parties. They only offered a pink and blue theme so I decided to create a theme of my own with no intention of turning it into a business. It snowballed from there into what it is today with 13 themed tents for both indoor and outdoor parties, movie nights and just recently light up numbers. The journey has been an incredible whirlwind and allowed me to give up my 9-5 office job to pursue my passion.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the slumber party business? 

I wanted to work in an industry that allowed me to be creative and inspire joy. Every time I launch a new theme or service it makes me feel very proud of what I have achieved and how much happiness it brings to my customers.

What are some of the challenges you encountered while starting your own business? 

There have been many challenges, one being how to ensure every customer receives outstanding service. The simple answer is to be organised, communicate and have staff that are 100% committed to doing a great job. With this in place, you can turn your challenges into a great experience.

What makes Best Sleepover Ever better than the rest? 

We put 100% effort into every customer’s request and have built up a reputation for delivering exceptional service. The detail behind each theme is carefully designed and created to cater to our target audience. Our tents carry the appropriate CE certification that shows our standards are high and safety is at the forefront at all times.

How has storing your inventory with Storage King benefitted your growing business? 

Storage King is perfectly located for our needs. The staff are very accommodating, facilities are excellent and there is always a warm welcome. The Storage King Warrington team, Angie and Keeley, have watched us grow from a 75 sq ft unit to 450sq ft as the business has continued to expand. They have been a constant source of support at the storage facility and the main reason we love it so much!

What exciting projects do you have planned for 2022?

We have just launched a new business called Best Lights Ever and we will continue to support the growth of this into 2022. We are adding a personalised package for our customers and the rest is classified – we can't give away all our surprises! 

Eager to throw a spectacular sleepover but not sure where to start? Check out Best Sleepover Ever’s fantastic themes and set-ups for a night to remember! 

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