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A beginners guide to grooming your dog at home

Posted: 10 December 2021

dog grooming at home

Dogs are relatively easy-going, but there are a few things they whole-heartedly detest. While the vet and thunderstorms are guaranteed to stop a tail mid-wag, there is one other activity they’d do anything to get out of – bath time. As soon as the water starts to run, our hounds either bolt for the door or freeze up like a bronze statue. However, you don’t always need to call in a professional to give your dog a good clean and pampering. So, next time your four-legged friend is looking a bit scruffy, remember these tips for a full-proof grooming routine. 

Get the right tools 

While relatively straightforward, grooming your dog can go seriously wrong if you don’t have the right equipment. Like humans, dogs have their own scissors, brushes, and nail clippers that are all specific to their particular needs. When sourcing the tools you need, make sure you only buy quality items and remember to keep your dog’s breed in mind. 

Use pet-friendly products 

If you’ve run out of dog shampoo and are tempted to use a dollop of your own – stop right there! Human skin is very different to that of a dog. Using products that aren’t pet-friendly can disrupt the natural acidic nature of their skin, making it itchy, flaky and more susceptible to parasites, diseases and viruses. Before giving them a good scrub down, visit your local vet to find out if they need a special hypoallergenic shampoo or if a standard one will do. 

Create a calm environment

While some dogs love wading in the water and getting a back scrub in the bath, others really, really don’t. If your pooch has an irrational fear of bath time, try to make the experience as relaxing and calming for them as possible. Make sure the water is lukewarm and bring in a few items to distract them like their favourite toy or even a teaspoon of peanut butter! 

Don’t forget about the ears and nails 

Now that you’ve gotten the messy part out of the way, it’s time to focus on their nails and ears. This is where it gets a bit tricky, so if you are still not comfortable tackling this task alone, seek the advice of your local groomer or vet. Some dog’s nails will naturally wear down on the concrete while others require a regular clipping. Be careful not to cut too much of the nail off and rather trim them bit by bit. For their ears, simply wipe the outside with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. 

Trim hair with caution 

Before attempting to trim your pooch or give them a rocking new hairstyle, be sure to brush any knots out. If their coat is badly matted, then it’s advised to seek a professional. If your four-legged friend has short hair, regularly brushing your dog will remove all loose hair. When trimming a dog with long hair, use a pair of blunt-nosed scissors and be extra cautious around the eyes, ears and mouth. 

Looking for a highly-skilled mobile groomer in Worcester? Visit Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming to discover more about their expert doggy makeovers and grooming services. You can also read more about their business on our blog.

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