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Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming: Transforming our scruffy hounds into top dogs

Posted: 03 December 2021

Dog Grooming

Our dogs deserve the very best, and nothing says you care about your canine like a good pampering! Driven to give back to our four-legged friends, animal-lover Claire Wheeler opened her own dog grooming business on wheels, Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming. She began offering busy pet owners in Worcester a convenient solution to the messy and detested bath time, and soon enough, she had gained a loyal client base. 

From warm water hydro-baths to beautifully trimmed coats, Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming offers a range of expert services to make your beloved pooch look, smell and feel like a top dog. By putting our pets’ needs first, the team have set the bar in Worcester’s mobile dog grooming community. We recently caught up with the team to learn a bit more about their business journey.  

Can you tell us about Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming? 

Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming is a mobile dog grooming service in Worcester, United Kingdom. We go from door to door offering a variety of expert grooming services such as warm water hydro-baths, shampoo/flea rinse and conditioner, blow-dry and brush, coat clean-ups and nail trimming. 

What inspired you to start Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming and how has the business grown?

I have always had a passion for animals and loved caring for them. So, about 30 years ago, I started looking into working with them and found an apprenticeship. I began studying dog grooming and kennel management, and also had the opportunity to learn cattery management. Soon after, I converted a van and started my own dog grooming business, Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming. 

What are some challenges you encountered in your industry, and how did you overcome them? 

COVID-19 was a challenging period for Wuffers Mobile Doorstep Groomers. With government lockdowns forcing us to close our doors, we had to get creative and think of new ways to still service our loyal customers and their pets. 

What sets your company apart from others? 

Being a mobile dog grooming business means that we can be flexible to suit our customer’s schedules. This also allows us to provide a service for disabled pet owners who’d otherwise struggle to get their pets to a grooming salon.

Why did you choose Storage King as your business storage solution?

The fact that we have 24/7 access is very helpful as we can access our unit any time of the day. The staff are also nice and friendly, and the facility is clean and well-maintained so we know our items are protected and safe. 

Do you have any new and exciting projects planned for 2022?

While we are still recovering from the pandemic, we are excited to continue to provide our loyal client base with the best grooming services. We are also supporters of the Protection of Unwanted Puppies Society (PUPS) and plan on running a charity dog wash event next year to raise funds for the charity. 

Is your canine companion looking a bit rugged and rough around the edges? Visit Wuffers Doorstep Dog Grooming to discover more about their expert doggy makeovers and grooming services. 

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