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13 Simple Toy Storage Ideas for LEGO, Teddies & More

Posted: 29 October 2018

Kids Playing Lego Together

Calling all parents! We understand the struggle all too well — the never-ending battle against the tidal wave of playthings that seems to multiply overnight. From rogue LEGO pieces lurking underfoot to stuffed animal invasions on the living room floor, toy clutter can quickly turn your humble abode into a certified disaster zone.

Don’t stress! We've got your back with 13 simple yet ingenious toy storage ideas that will help you reclaim your space and sanity. 

1. Rotate Your Kids’ Toys Out for Convenience

A kid playing with a soft toy

Your kids don’t need all their toys at once, even if they think they do. If you want toy storage to be effective, consider rotating their toys out. They’ll end up being much more excited to play with toys they haven’t seen in a while, teaching them to appreciate what they have (and making them less likely to beg for shiny new toys!). 

Start by sorting toys by category into different toy storage baskets or containers. For example, you may want to store soft toys in one toy storage bag and harder items like dolls and action figures in a hard storage box. Store one or two categories at a time and bring out ones that haven't been played with in a while. 

2. Make Use of Stackable Containers for Toy Storage

Stackable containers are a practical and space-saving solution for organising kids' toys. They are perfect for closet shelves or floors to keep toys out of sight when not in use. If you’re looking for soft toy storage, larger stackable containers are perfect for stuffed animals and cuddly toys — and they’ll keep them protected from dust and damage. 

3. Set Up Toy Storage Zones

A designated kids’ play zone in a room

Creating designated toy storage zones is a great way to keep the mess to a minimum. A toy storage zone acts as a convenient hub for kids to store their things in a tidy and easy-to-reach way. If you store a playmat here, it can double as a designated play area, so all their play will be centralised to one section of the house. 

4. Teach Your Kids to Pack Toys Away 

When you teach kids to put their toys away after playtime, you not only make the clean-up easier, but you also instil a sense of responsibility in them. Decide on a dedicated clean-up time, whether it's before bedtime, after playtime, or before meals, and create a routine for your children so they understand your expectations.

5. Schedule Regular Clean Outs

Go through toys periodically and donate the ones your kids have outgrown to charity. Teaching your kids to give back is a great life lesson and doubles up as a way to get rid of excess toys they don’t need. 

6. Label Toy Storage Containers

Labelled toy storage containers

Labelling toy storage containers is an effective way to help kids easily identify where to put away their toys. An effective way to label bins for toys is to use pictures. For younger children and those who can't read yet, use clear pictures or icons on the labels to represent the toy category. For example, a picture of a car for vehicle toys, a building block for construction toys, etc.

For older kids who can read, use both words and pictures on the labels. This reinforces the category and helps with recognition. You can also use different colours to help make labels more memorable. 

7. Consider Over-Door Organisers for Toy Storage

Hang an over-door organiser with multiple pockets on the back of a bedroom or closet door. These pockets can hold stuffed animals, dolls, and other plush toys, as well as arts and craft supplies. Another useful place for an over-door organiser is the bathroom to keep all those rubber ducks in a row. 

8. Use Storage Ottomans for Toys

Invest in an ottoman that opens up for toy storage and keeps the mess tucked away beneath the lid. When choosing an ottoman for toys, look for durable materials that can withstand frequent opening and closing, as well as easy-to-clean fabrics. Also, consider the size and weight capacity to make sure it can accommodate all your toy storage needs.

9. Wall-Mounted Storage for Toys

Wall-mounted storage displaying toys

Here are some ideas for utilising wall-mounted storage for toys:

  • Install wall shelves at different heights to accommodate different toy sizes.
  • Mount a pegboard on the wall and use hooks, bins, or baskets to create customisable storage. 
  • Install toy boxes or cubby shelves directly on the wall, creating a dedicated space for toys while keeping the floor clear.
  • Use a hanging storage unit with multiple compartments or hammocks to organise and display plush toys.
  • Mount magnetic boards or panels on the wall and use magnetic bins or containers to store small toys, like building blocks or cars. 
  • Hang sling bags or fabric pockets on the wall to store soft toys, dolls, or dress-up clothes. 

10. Try Toy Boxes on Wheels

Mobile toy boxes with wheels allow for easy transportation of toys between rooms. With trolleys, toys can be quickly gathered and moved out of high-traffic areas, promoting a tidy living space. They also teach kids to manage and put away their toys, fostering responsibility and organisational skills. Consider purchasing a rolling toy cart or trolley that can hold multiple bins, baskets, or cubbies for different toy categories. 

11. Store Toys in Underbed Boxes

Utilise the space under your kids’ beds by sliding flat storage boxes underneath to store toys. Not only will toy boxes be out of the way but they’ll be out of sight as well! For even easier use, why not consider boxes with wheels to roll in and out from under the bed? 

12. Use Fabric Storage Cubes

Use Fabric Storage Cubes

Fabric storage cubes or bins are collapsible, meaning they can be stored away compactly when not in use, saving valuable space in a child's room or playroom. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs, so you can get the perfect one to match your kid’s room décor.

 13. Try Self Storage for Toy Storage

If your place is packed with monster trucks, bikes, and Barbies, don't ruin your kid's day by tossing out their oldest friend — i.e. their very first teddy. Instead, stash those special toys in a self storage unit. 

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