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Top baby essentials you can donate

Posted: 05 August 2022

05 Aug Blog

When you find out you are having a baby, there are so many things to buy! Diapers, wipes, clothes, strollers, the list goes on and on. It can be really expensive to stock up on everything your new baby needs. But what do you do with all of the extra stuff when your little one is no longer a baby? One option is to donate it to families in need.  


Here are some of the top baby items you can donate to help make another family’s life a little easier. 

Baby clothes 

Newborn babies grow by the second, which means they quickly outgrow the mountain of onesies you bought. If you’re ready to donate your baby’s clothes, check for stains, tears and rips first. A missing button can be sewn back on, but many organisations won’t accept items that are badly damaged.  

Baby toys 

Baby playthings are often a luxury struggling families simply can’t afford. If your little one has outgrown their playmat, rattles, stuffed teddies, and rocking horse, consider donating them. Be sure to check for choking hazards and give everything a good wipe down.  

Essentials for mum 

While stocking up for a newborn can take a chunk out of your savings, gear for mum can cost a pretty penny too. Donated maternity clothes can help expecting mums to be more comfortable during pregnancy without the cost of purchasing a new - and temporary - wardrobe. Once again, check for bad stains and other wear and tear.  

Baby equipment 

Items like car seats, cribs and strollers might seem like great items to donate, given how costly they can be, but there are strict rules around this. Due to many of these items getting recalled, it is best to first call the organisation to confirm their policy. They might love the donation, or they may not be able to accept it, and you can save yourself a trip.  


If you’re in or near Shropshire, check out Little Stars Baby Bank. As the only baby bank in Shropshire, they’re the go-to organisation helping expecting families when they need it most. If you would like to donate or request assistance, you can do so on their website. 


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