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Winter photography tips

Posted: 22 November 2019

Winter Photography Tips

With winter fast approaching, there are many great photographic opportunities that will come about as the sun dips earlier each day and the winter chill starts to set in. From cloudy and moody days, to blankets of snow over the landscapes.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your winter photography skills:

1. Photograph reflections with ice

Shooting early or late on a clear day is the best time to take reflection photographs. The reflections on thin ice create a different perspective on landscape. The same can be achieved by photographing puddles. Position your subject in to be reflected in the water and focus on the reflection in the foreground with the subject in the background.  

2. Use the right White Balance

A colourful sunset works well with a warm white balance. However, to emphasise the cold it is better to opt for cooler tones as it will help enhance the winter atmosphere.

3. Utilise overcast light

Overcast and foggy skies as well as a bit of light rain are perfect for taking waterfall and stream shots. The overcast skies diffuse light and reduce contrast, and the wetter conditions help to intensify colours.

4. Take advantage of the weather

The winter season brings cold, wet and snowy conditions which can create the opportunity for creative and original shots.  With sunrise being slightly later, it allows you to prepare for the golden hour, so make the most of getting the early morning shots. Try to set up near water in order to take advantage of any early morning mist.

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