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What to do with a spare room: Room ideas for an empty nest

Posted: 10 August 2017

What To Do With A Spare Room Room Ideas For An Empty Nest

It’s never easy saying goodbye when someone you’ve watched grow for 18 years leaves for university. Not only does it leave behind an emotional gap, but it also leaves a physical one. Although they’ve packed up their most prized possessions, such as clothes, computer and car, there’s always the constant reminders around the home that they’ve gone.

It’s time for you to reclaim your not-so-empty nest, and find a way of making the most of this newly acquired space. Their old TV may be sat waiting for an owner to return, and their bicycle may not have quite made the journey to university, but there are ways you can store these items without them taking up any of your own personal space.

Discover how to make the most of this space, and how self storage can help you to rediscover what it’s like to have the home to yourself again.

First things first

The first step is to identify how you can clear out their room without making them feel like they’re unwelcome from coming back. Utilising personal storage means their personal items are ready for them when they come back for the Christmas break, but out of the way when it’s term time.

Spare room ideas

Now you have a little more space, it’s time to get creative. Read on to discover what kind of ideas can help you make the most of this new space, and help make the empty nest feel a little more like home.

Make it a guest room

In need of a guest room? Make that room a minimalist haven, ready for friends or in-laws to stay. This means the room will still be ready when they return home from university, and with space to spare.

Clear the unnecessary items out into a small storage locker and get ready for a room makeover. It’s likely the walls will be a little battered and stained from having posters hung up, so now is the time to consider a room makeover. Make sure to choose lighter, neutral colours when redecorating to create an airy and welcoming environment for guests.

Build a creative space

If you’d rather not give the in-laws any more excuses to visit, you could always turn that spare bedroom into a personal workshop or art studio. Pursue the hobby you’ve always wanted to explore, but just haven’t quite had the space to fully commit.

A studio or workshop can help you to beat the empty nest blues, and learning a new skill is also an excellent way to make some money on the side.

It doesn’t have to stop at oil painting or carpentry. If you’ve always had a passion for music, why not set up a music room to store old CDs, instruments and speakers? Turn the old bedroom into a music room and a space that fosters creativity.

Home gym

Create your own private workout space by combining an unused bedroom with a home gym. All you really need is a piece of cardio equipment such as a rowing machine, stationary bicycle, or running machine. Combine with enough floor space for bodyweight exercises to make the most out of your home workouts.

The bedroom element isn’t so optional if children will be coming home from university, so a fold-out bed works well as a space-saving measure.

If your home is already full of sports equipment, why not consider saving even more space by utilising self storage for seasonal equipment such as winter sports gear?

Games room or home theatre

Build the man/woman cave of your dreams by creating the perfect entertainment hub for your home. Building a home theatre creates a prime gathering space for friends and family, and so the perfect attraction to bring the kids back from university over the holiday breaks.

Swap out the space-consuming bed for a sofa-bed, and pimp out the home theatre with a sound system. Add a large television or projector and projection screen, and you’re good to go.

Depending on the amount of space available, a ping pong table also makes for great guest entertainment. Folded up and pushed against the wall means the bedroom can still be used for overnight guests or university students staying for the weekend.

Are you going spare trying to find a use for a spare room now that your child is at university? Check out the spare room case study from our blog for more ideas.

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