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Use self storage to make space for your growing family

Posted: 13 August 2019

Use Self Storage To Make Space For Your Growing Family

Waiting for the birth of a new baby is an exciting time for both parents, but with the excitement comes the need for preparation and organisation. Your home only has a certain amount of space, and as your family grows, so too does the clutter, resulting in your living space getting smaller.

It’s not always about the size of your home, but rather what is inside your home. Finding more space within the home for your expanding family might seem to be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but here are some ways in which Storage King and self storage can help to alleviate the stress of clutter:

How self storage can help

  • When your kids no longer play with their toys, consider storing them in a storage unit. This will free up usable space in your home, while at the same time keeping the toys for younger children or the next generation.
  • Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money. So if your children are in-between sizes but you don’t have the space to store the clothes or shoes, consider renting an affordable storage unit with us for when you will need the items.
  • What makes self storage a valuable asset for growing families is that we act as an extension of your home. This is a great way to rotate your seasonal belongings, sports gear, different sized clothing and toys. By extending your home through the use of self storage, you will maximise your living space.
  • Self storage is an ideal place to store cots, prams and beds when they are not in use. You may want to hand these down to friends or family later.
  • If your family has decided to move into a new home, you can store your household contents in one of our many safe and secure self storage units. This is ideal if you are between homes or if your new home doesn’t have space for all of your furniture.

Benefits of self storage

At Storage King, we focus on convenience, security, flexibility and accessibility. We offer flexible leases where you pay for as little as two weeks or as long as you require.

Security is a top priority for us. Our units are individually alarmed* and monitored by CCTV. We offer our customers the choice of downsizing or upsizing whenever they need to, at no additional cost.

Give us a call today on 0800 0852 954 to discuss your storage needs. One of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to help you find the perfect unit you need for your growing family. 

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