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Ultimate hacks to keep flowers fresh for weeks

Posted: 22 February 2022

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Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year. All across the British countryside, and even in the corners of the city, flowers push out from the soil to put on a show like no other. If you’re a lover of all things with petals and pretty scents, then this season is the time to add fresh flowers to your decor, but after a few days, the bright and perky bouquet can look a bit out of sorts and just plain sad. For those that find themselves in this conundrum, this blog will reveal five helpful tips on how to keep flowers fresh and fragrant for weeks.

Step 1: Cut the stems 

The best way to maintain those perky petals and radiant colours is by cutting the stem as close as you can to the base. When performing this prickly procedure, wear a pair of gloves and use strong pruning shears to slice through the stem without leaving it in shreds. Cut the stem at an angle and repeat once every few days. 

Step 2: Remove leaves 

You might be tempted to just put them in a cup or jar and water them down, but this could cause the flowers to rot and warp. Before displaying them in a vase of your choice, remove any leaves beneath the waterline. To keep flowers from the rose family radiant, it’s also advised to remove the outermost layer of the flower known as the guard petals. This will allow the flower to open up freely and reduce rot and dead debris in the water. 

Step 3: Water often 

Freshly picked flowers won’t last long without a generous glug of water every two to three days. To keep them fresh for a week, give them two shallow water baths with clean water and dip them in ice cubes so they continue to smell fresh. This way, your flowers will last much longer and appear as though they were picked that day. 

Step 4: Keep them cool 

While growing flowers might love direct sunlight, the same can’t be said once they’ve been plucked from the earth. Highly sensitive, it’s important to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources that might wilt their vivacious leaves and petals. Fans and air conditions can also dehydrate the flowers, so try your best to keep them in a shaded and cool area of your home. 

Step 5: Let them be 

It is important to make sure you always check on your flowers and water them often, but it is also good to give them room to breathe and open up on their own. Drowning your bouquet with too many nutrients or glasses of water will only do more damage than good, so keep an eye on them and admire their beauty without getting in the way of their natural life cycle.

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