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Ultimate hacks for storing fresh linen

Posted: 14 September 2021

Ultimate Storage Hacks Fresh Linen

Few things compare to sinking into a bed with fresh linen. Whether it’s the thread count or fabric softener that smells exactly like an ocean breeze, fresh linen has the power to make all your woes disappear. If you want to achieve the softest sheets known to humankind, then you've got to store them correctly. So next laundry day, try these simple storage hacks for fragrant and fresh linen. 

1. Pack in a dark, dry place

The best way to keep your linens crisp and clean even weeks after they’ve been washed is to store them in a linen closet. If you don’t have a linen closet, any dark and well-ventilated space in your home will do. Neatly storing your linens here will not only preserve their freshness but protect colourful and expensive fabrics from sun damage. 

2. Organise into groups

Organisation is key to preventing dust from accumulating on linens that are usually stored for the long term. Start by dedicating one shelf to sheets, another to towels, and pack those used for guests at the back. By grouping your linens like this, you can easily access those that you use daily without turning your cupboard upside down. 

3. Fold neatly 

A good fold can go a long way in keeping your linens fresh. While mastering a decent fold may require a little bit of practice, it will help your linens retain the sweet scent for weeks. Top tip, if your shelves are a tad overcrowded, then try rolling to save space. 

4. Protect against pests  

Much like us, moths love a shelf filled with soft sheets. To keep these ravenous insects from devouring your linens, make sure that you wash and dry everything thoroughly before storing away. Moths also aren’t fans of natural scents like cedar, rosemary and lavender so try adding a few scented sachets to repel the little guys without harming them. 

5. Hang scented sachets 

While scented closet sachets are great for deterring unwanted insects, they’re even better for keeping your linens fresh. Simply place a sachet of your favourite scent at the back of the linen cupboard for beautifully smelling bedding and towels. You can also place these perfumed packs in your drawers. 

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