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Travelling tips for students on a tight budget

Posted: 11 November 2022

11 Nov Travelling Tips For Students On A Budget Blog

After a long, gruelling year of all-nighters, non-stop lectures and anything-but-nutritious microwave meals, students need a break. That being said, planning a trip away with your best mates is no easy task, especially on a student budget. You’ll need to be savvy with your spending, have a black belt in packing, and an appetite for adventure and cheap meals.  

If you’re looking to experience it all for a fraction of the price this holiday, check out our top tips and tricks for travelling on a budget.  

Have a plan  

Although we all like to just wing it, when it comes to travelling on a budget, you need to have a plan. Before throwing on your favourite Hawaiian shirt and jetting off to some sun-soaked island, sit down and come up with a budget for the entire trip. Determine how much you will need to cover your main expenses like airline tickets, transport, food, and accommodation. Investigate the location you’re visiting, looking for local food markets, low-cost activities, and affordable transport options where you can save some money. Remember to also set aside extra cash in case of an emergency.  

Pack the essentials 

As a student, you’ve probably mastered the art of packing light and the minimalistic lifestyle. These skills are especially useful when travelling on a tight budget. If you’re tempted to pack in that hat you’ve worn once or those stylish shoes you just bought, don’t. Make an itinerary of what you’ll need and pack only the essentials, not an item more or less. If your baggage is overweight, it can end up slashing your budget before you even start your trip, and under packing is just as costly.  

Be accommodation-savvy 

If you’re looking to cut your costs, budget-friendly accommodation is the way to go. Whether booking a rustic bungalow on the beach or sharing a room with a bunch of solo travellers, there are an abundance of cheap accommodation options right at your fingertips. Apps like Airbnb and Couchsurfing are great for bargain hunters, offering unique homestays and affordable rooms in the heart of popular and often pricey destinations.  

Eat like locals  

Although we’d like to, dining out every night will literally eat into your holiday budget. In Asia and most parts of Europe, streets transform into aromatic food bazaars boasting affordable and authentic meals lovingly made by locals.  

These meals are a fraction of the price of restaurants and arguably more delicious. If your accommodation is self-catering, taking a trip to the local grocery store and cooking your own meals is another smart way to cut back on costs. 

Dig for discounts  

If you’re a sucker for souvenirs or like a bit of luxury, you can still experience it all on a budget. Many local businesses offer discounts, especially during off seasons, allowing travellers to indulge without going over budget.  

When booking activities or browsing at a market, keep your eyes peeled for bargains and shop around before you buy. There are also usually discounts for large groups, so if you’re travelling with a bunch of friends, don’t be shy to ask.  


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