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Top storage hacks for dorm rooms

Posted: 26 July 2022

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Dorm rooms can be tiny! Especially if you are sharing with one or two roommates. So, how do you keep your belongings packed away without unnecessarily taking up floor and counter space? You go the DIY route! To make the most of your limited space without sacrificing your comfort or sanity, try these handy space-saving storage hacks. 

Drawer dividers 

Miscellaneous school supplies can quickly overrun your desk drawers. If you can’t afford to purchase drawer dividers, you can make your own by cutting up old shoe or cereal boxes. Dividers not only give your drawers an aesthetic look but provide easy and organised access when you need to grab something in a hurry. 

Over-the-door hamper 

Most individuals have their washing baskets in the corner of the room or the bathroom. But as a student in a tiny dorm room and shared bathroom, the luxury of floor space is limited. All you need is a hoop, some twine and a pillowcase for your own DIY washing hamper, which will then hang on the back of your door.   

Under the bed storage 

If there is space under your bed, why not buy some drawers with wheels on them? They slide right under your bed, giving you additional storage space out of sight. It doesn’t even have to be wooden drawers with wheels - simple plastic containers can work just as well. 

Bed Caddy 

Like the ultimate nightstand, this caddy can hold loose items such as TV remotes, books, etc. It also has a hanging ability, so all you need is a nail or hook. Remember to place it right next to your bed to avoid cold ventures back out of bed once you have settled in for the night. This caddy also allows for a more organised look, instead of bits and bobs lying everywhere.   

If your room is still feeling a bit cluttered after some of these helpful storage tips, contact Storage King on 0800 0852 954 for our student storage options. With our wide range of locations and unit sizes, finding space to hold everything from empty suitcases to the entire content of a small studio apartment will be a snap. 

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