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Top 5 things to do in Blackpool

Posted: 19 April 2022

19 04 22 Top 5 Things To Do In Blackpool Blog

As we move into spring and warmer weather, there is no better way to say goodbye to the chill of winter than with a fun day out in Blackpool! Situated on the Irish Sea coast, the town of Blackpool features a collection of award-winning attractions, providing an adventure for all regardless of age, interest or mood.  

Whether you are an adventurous thrill-seeker or an animal lover, this seaside town has attractions in spades. From the iconic Blackpool Pleasure Beach to the equally famous Blackpool Tower, you may be tempted to plan an extended trip. To help you make the most out of your time in this charming town, we have put together a guide for the top 5 things to do in Blackpool.  

Blackpool Tower 

Standing a staggering 158-metres high, the iron tower is Blackpool’s most notable structure, featuring activities for all ages. From incomparable views at the Tower Eye to fun and silliness at the Tower Circus, old-fashioned elegance at the Tower Ballroom and more, you won’t know where to start. With so much to see and experience, visitors could easily spend days at the Tower alone.  

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Blackpool Tower Dungeon 

While this technically falls under Blackpool Tower, it is so incredible it deserves its own slot. The Tower Dungeon is perfect for those who love a good jump scare and things that go bump in the night. Guests can enjoy a completely immersive storytelling experience featuring actors, special effects, 360° sets, scenes, and a thrilling ride. Yes, please! 

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach 

A trip to this sought-after town would be incomplete without visiting the iconic beachside amusement park. The Blackpool Pleasure Beach boasts an incredible collection of roller coasters that adrenaline seekers will love. The Big One, in particular, is only recommended to those with nerves of steel. With the first drop of 62 metres reaching 74 mph, you may get off with shaky knees and your heart in your throat, but there’s no doubt that it will definitely be worth it. 

Sea Life Blackpool 

This one is for nature lovers. Sea Life Blackpool offers visitors an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with creatures of the sea. Situated close to the central pier, those who dare to take the jump will have the rare chance to swim with more than 2000 sea creatures, including rare tropical fish and octopus, but remember to keep an eye out for sharks.  

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Blackpool Mystery Treasure Trail 

Perfect for all ages, the mystery trail is a fun and interactive way to experience the best parts of town at your leisure. Once you have your trusty map, follow the various hints directing you to clues all over town and get exploring. This is a game suited to those who love puzzles and is one of those activities that only gets more fun as more join in, making it perfect for a group activity.  

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