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Tips to upcycle a cardboard box

Posted: 29 May 2020

Craft Box

If you are looking to keep yourself and your kids busy, while decluttering your home at the same time, we have the perfect project for you – upcycling cardboard boxes.

It may sound boring, but you’d be surprised at how creative you can be and how engaged the kids will be as they cut, stick and let their creativity flow.

What exactly is an upcycled box you may ask? It basically taking a plain cardboard box and adding some creativity to be used for storage around your home. This could be a place to keep your socks together in your draw, or to create something more appealing to the eye when storing boxes in your garage (and of course in your self storage unit).

Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Tips to upcycle a cardboard box

  1. Get a box

You may find you have some around the house. If not, head on down to your local Storage King as we have a wide variety of boxes you can choose from. Decide on what you are going to store when selecting a box – could it be to store socks or something larger? 

  1. Wrapping paper or fabric

Head to your local craft shop or raid your collection of fabric or wrapping paper that you have left over from the festive season. Measure the sides of your box and cut the fabric or wrapping paper so that it has a slight overlap at the top (it need to wraps over the edge). You can even go as far as lining the inside if it’s a box you’ll see the inside of. This is your chance to get creative! Make sure your box is sturdy.

  1. Cut it

Carefully cut off the top bit of the box so that there is no ‘roof’ to it. This means that you’ll have an open box that you can easily store your items in. 

  1. Glue

Using adhesive (this can be adhesive spray or a glue), carefully secure the fabric or wrapping paper to your box, being sure to be as straight and neat as possible. Let the kids use buttons, ribbon or anything else that could add some creative flair as well.

  1. Label

Once you have successfully covered your box, you can add a small label to the front of the box with whatever you plan on putting in it. This can be a box for jumpers, shirts, socks, you name it! You could even use some chalkboard paint if you need to rename it every now and again.

That’s it. If you do find a box around the home that still has some private paperwork in it that you can’t simply throw away, we offer confidential shredding services at each of our stores.

If it’s boxes you need, take a look at the wide variety of packaging items we have listed here.

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