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Tips to take care of your winter coats

Posted: 08 December 2020

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There’s no doubt that the frosty weather has arrived. Chances are that your winter coat has become your favourite item of clothing and found a home at the front door. With your winter coat being used so regularly, it’s important to look after it so that it stays in top condition. 

Here are a few tips on how to care for your winter coat.

Take care of the cleaning instructions

Each type of material has its own special instructions for washing. The last problem that you want to deal with is a shrunken wool coat because you washed it in warm water. Take note of the label to check out the water, temperature, dry cleaning or chemical instructions. 

Remember to empty the pockets

Pockets are usually there for storing wrappers, tissues and other bits and bobs. Always remember to remove these items from your pockets when returning home. The heavier ones can put a strain on the coat’s form, while the lighter ones can be forgotten and put in the wash. 

Hang them up neatly

If you want to keep your coat’s shape, then it’s important to hang it up when you’re not wearing it. Think twice before throwing it on the bed or over the chair and rather take the extra time to place it neatly on a sturdy hanger. 

Don’t delay stain removal

Even the most graceful person will have a clumsy moment in their lifetime and spill on their coat. The trick is to remove the marking as soon as possible. Whether it’s muddy dog prints, a sip of coffee or a splash of wine, make sure that you clean out any stains as soon as possible.  

Store them correctly out of season

When the weather starts warming up, you’ll find that you need your trusty coat less and less. Make sure that you have a clean and dry storage space to hang your coat out of season and that you give it one thorough cleaning before hanging it up.

If the space in your home is starting to feel cramped, then you can rent a conveniently located off-site storage unit. 

Our Storage King facilities are safe and secure, offering a suitable space to store your winter coats (and other seasonal gear) until you next need them. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 to find out more. 

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