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Tips to organise your kitchen

Posted: 09 June 2020

Tips To Organising A Kitchen

If you are looking to organise your kitchen, we’ve got the perfect tips for you in today's blog.

Tips to organise your kitchen:

  • Empty the pantry

Empty out the pantry so that the shelves are bare. While it is empty, give the shelves a proper wipe down so that any spilt sauce of flour dust is cleaned up. When packing items back, take time to check the expiry date and if expired, throw it out.

  • Crockery check

When emptying out the cupboards, take note of the state of your crockery. If plates have chips or cracks, it may be time to let go of them. You can donate them to your charity of choice or if they’re beyond use, it may be time to throw them out completely.

  • Gadgets

While kitchen gadgets are great, if you have too many of them you'll soon run out of space. Think about the last time you’ve used the gadget or machine and how often you find yourself reaching for it. If the answer is seldom or never, you may want to think about selling some items or donating them. If you just can't get rid of them, why not put them into self storage.

  • Inventory check

Before heading to the shops, take a look inside your cupboards to make sure those items on your list are not tucked in the back. Duplicate items take up space!

  • Group items

As a rule of the thumb, group items together. This could be by having a baking cupboard, keeping your sauces together, keeping your teas and coffee’s together or herbs and spices.

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