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Tips for tidying up your children’s rooms

Posted: 26 May 2020

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Spending more time at home means that you begin to notice the small things, especially when it comes to clutter.

Anyone who has kids understands how quickly a clean room can become a messy one and so decluttering your home can save you a lot of time on cleaning up in the long run.

So, why not start off by cleaning up and decluttering your kids rooms. Feel free to get them involved in the task! In today’s blog post we offer a few handy tips to make the process a bit simpler and more effective.

Tips for tidying up your children’s rooms

  1. Give your child permission to let go

Your children often don’t fully understand that they can let go of some of their toys. In fact, they can sometimes feel pressured to keep items. Let them know that it is okay to let go of items that they no longer use or need by giving them to charity or putting them in storage.

  1. Have your kids give you a tour

This is a very insightful way to fully understand your child’s bedroom as it gives you an idea as to how they use their space. When cleaning up, let your child help you so that they can have a say in how they use their room and also learn about how to declutter spaces.

  1. Start from the bottom up

Literally. Start from the floor and work your way upwards, towards shelves, book stands etc. This will help to get through everything systematically. It also means that there are no toys being hidden under the bed.

  1. Talk about how their toys and other items have a place

When putting things into their designated spot, teach your child that everything has a home, that books belong on the book shelves and lego in the lego box etc. This will help to team structure and to show them where everything goes when they are finished playing.

  1. Use storage to keep the important things

Children grow up, fast! It’s often difficult to get rid of any sentimental toys or clothing and so a great option is to place them in self storage for when you have the room again or for when they have kids of their own. Don’t feel pressured to throw these precious items away.

If you do need extra space for your kids items, give us a call on 0800 0852 954 and we’ll help you store all the items for when you need them again.

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