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Successfully growing a bicycle business

Posted: 09 April 2019

Successfully Growing A Bicycle Business

Self storage has become an increasingly valuable asset for growing businesses for a variety of reasons. One such business is Wildoo Limited, a bicycle wholesale company based in Bletchley and who store at Storage King Milton Keynes. We sat down with Andy Easterbrook, owner of Wildoo Limited, to discuss how self storage has helped his business grow.

Wildoo’s journey

Wildoo specialise in producing cycle apparel including sports bottles, cycle clothing, cycling accessories and custom printing for brands, shops, clubs, teams and charities.

After working in the cycling industry for many years, Andy decided to start his own cycling-orientated company in 2012. Over the years he has experienced many joys and challenges that come with running a start-up. He comments, “The biggest challenge early in the business was growing the business with very little capital. There are days when things go wrong and you can’t just pass the problem over to a boss to resolve. However, there are countless highlights that come with working for yourself and creating new products.”

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Andy has learned valuable lessons and shares his advice on starting your own business, “Do your research and establish if there is a market for your product or service. Be careful asking friends and family for advice as they may tell you what you want to hear rather than tell you the truth! Within the business, we openly discuss ideas and staff are always encouraged to give their input.”

Bicycles and self storage

As Andy’s business has grown, the need for a safe and secure space to use as a home base arose. It was at this point that Andy approached Storage King and began renting a unit with us.

Andy comments, “Storage King provides us with both office suites and storage in one place with the benefits of no long-term contract. As we expand we have the flexibility to take more office and storage space but also have the peace of mind that if we hit a tough trading period we could also contract the business and reduce the space without moving to a new site.”

In the same way that Storage King has provided Wildoo with a stable base to operate from, we can also help your business by providing a flexible, affordable and accessible self storage service.

Give us a call on 0800 0852 954 and chat to our friendly and helpful staff to see how we can better help your business’s storage needs. Alternatively, you can get a quick online quote. We look forward to helping your business grow.

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