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Studying abroad? How to keep your items safe during storage

Posted: 08 August 2022

09 Aug Blog

Travelling abroad as a university student is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From meeting new people to immersing yourself in a new culture and exploring, there's a great deal to look forward to.  

However, before you jump into a new time zone, you'll need to ensure that all the items you're leaving behind stay in top condition. Below, we highlight the top tips to follow to keep your belongings safe during long-term storage. 

Protect fragile items 

Bubble wrap is the best material to wrap up your glass wear and other fragile items before placing them into boxes. For an extra layer of protection, you can start with a layer of paper wrap. As a final measure, use old linens to layer the bottom of the box and stuff between the wrapped items to ensure no movement within the box during transit. 

Cover your furniture 

After cleaning and thoroughly drying all furniture, cover them with a cloth cover. Furniture covers will allow your pieces to 'breathe' while providing constant protection from slight dust that can gather during long-term storage. 

Store electronics safely 

Storing electronics in their original packaging is ideal, but if you tossed the box ages ago, any strong box will do. Remember to wrap cables, remove all batteries, place cardboard and bubble wrap over all screens, and add extra cushioning to the box with bubble wrap or old linens.  

Pro tip: Take a picture or video of your setup and cable placements before you unplug everything. 

Disassemble large items 

Bed frames and home entertainment units can take up a huge amount of unnecessary space if not disassembled. Taking these items apart will also enable you to wrap each piece in a protective layer, ensuring less wear and tear. Remember to ensure box springs and mattresses are stored flat to prevent damage over time. 

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