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Store your outdoor equipment correctly during the off season

Posted: 29 March 2019

Store Your Outdoor Equipment Correctly During The Off Season

Whether your hobby is camping, hiking, skiing or one of many other outdoor activities, you more than likely have a variety of equipment and gear which occupies precious space in your home when not being used.

Changing seasons mean adventure-seekers cannot partake in their favourite activities all year round, the consequences are that your sporting equipment likely spends the majority of the year gathering dust and taking up space around your home. But while you might allow yourself to lose condition during the off-season, are you storing your equipment correctly so that it remains in good shape?

Storage King knows all about storing belongings, and we’re happy to share five best practices on how to correctly store your gear during the off-season.

1. Keep your gear easily accessible

When the weather eventually does decide to play along, the last thing that you want is to have to hunt through your belongings for your gear. Make the effort to find a safe and secure place to store your equipment that is both out of sight yet easily accessible. If storing in your home, consider using space in the ceiling loft or under the bed. These areas are easy to access yet unobtrusive. Be sure to neatly pack your items to ensure everything is well organised.

2. Invest in a self storage unit

Sometimes there is simply no space in the home, or perhaps you prefer to keep the underneath of your bed clear of clutter. Self storage has become an increasingly popular solution to extending space at home. At Storage King, we offer a cost-effective solution to storing gear off-season. Our facilities are conveniently located, offer a variety of different sized units, are easily accessible and offer optimum security. What better way to pick up your camping gear than on your way to the countryside?

3. Sort your gear in categories

Whether you store your gear in the home or a self storage unit, it’s important to categorise and compartmentalise your items. Sorting your gear in this way will make collecting items more efficient and remove any uncertainty regarding where you last placed the specific piece you are looking for. This is especially important for smaller bits and pieces that can easily get lost. Labelled plastic containers are great in helping to categorise your gear neatly.

4. Clean your gear properly before stashing it

Did you know that dirty gear can attract pests and create mold? It’s extremely important to clean your gear after use and even more so before packing away for storage during the off-season. Always ensure you give your gear a thorough clean and allow to dry properly before packing away.

5. Protect your gear

To ensure your gear lasts longer and stays in top condition, protect it. Make use of containers for the smaller pieces and use old linen or towels to cover bigger equipment to prevent any scratches. If the item comes with a cover, be sure to use it.

Following these tips will help maintain the quality of your equipment so that you can enjoy the great outdoors for years to come. If you want to reclaim your home space and move gear into one of our many conveniently located stores, give us a call on 0800 0852 954. Alternatively, get a quick and easy online storage quote.

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