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Storage King Completes a £20,000 Refit of Its Dudley Store

Posted: 18 May 2017

Storage King Completes A £20,000 Refit Of Its Dudley Store

Dudley – Self-storage giant Storage King has today unveiled the £20,000 refit of its Dudley store. Signifying a significant expansion of the West Midlands-based arm of its business, it has led to the creation of 65 new units, which will be open and available for use from the 12th May.

The ambitious refit was primarily intended to maximise space, in order to cater to the many online traders that need a base for storing their goods before shipping them on to their customers. Increasingly prevalent due to the rise of internet commerce, and a growing hunger amongst consumers for the reduced prices they are able to offer when the middleman is cut out, many nonetheless lack a place to keep their stock.

As Mark Turner, Regional Manager of Storage King, explains: “This refit was about maximising space. Our business customers who store stock request extra space during peak trade like Christmas. The 65 new units will allow our up and coming online business customers the flexibility to take on more space.”

The ambitious build took just a fortnight to complete, with only a few weeks of planning beforehand, yet the results are certainly impressive. Costing £20,000 in total, the expansion has created 65 new units, and an extra 3,500 square foot of space. This takes the size of the 12-year old storage giant’s Dudley store to over 450 units, spread out over three separate floors extending across 40,000 square foot in total.

With an expected opening date of the 12th May, the rooms in the newly added extension range from 25 to 150 square foot, offering plenty of flexibility for those in need of additional storage, either immediately or during peak trade periods such as Christmas. Protected by 24-hour pin code access, they also feature handy drive-in loading bays.

Giving customers the ability to select units on the basis of both size and the length of time they would like to rent them out, Storage King has ensured that its clientele will now have even more choice when it comes to finding suitable storage for the individual needs of their businesses.

Little wonder, then, that the company expects the expansion to be a success. With 25 percent of the additional units already having been snapped up, the newly created options are expected to sell out quickly, with Storage King urging those who are interested in renting one out to reserve theirs now.

To learn more, contact Storage King today on 0121 522 4455, or send an email to [email protected].

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