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Storage King and YoungMinds: Fighting for young people’s mental health together

Posted: 09 May 2022

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Between the intense pressure of succeeding in school, social media portraying heavily filtered and unachievable beauty standards, and various personal insecurities, young people today are facing more pressure than any generation before, all of which is negatively impacting their mental health. In response to the growing mental health problems in young people, came YoungMinds.  

Introducing YoungMinds: The leading movement in mental health 

YoungMinds - run by an incredible team of talented individuals - was established to help young people and stop their mental health struggles from reaching a crisis point. They work to see a world where every young person who is battling mental health issues has an opportunity to reach out to people and services who can really help them when they need it, no matter what.  

To help raise awareness and get the message out to those that need to hear it, YoungMinds, in collaboration with the Mental Health Foundation, hosts an annual mental health awareness week to discuss and tackle a different aspect of mental health. This year’s focus is loneliness. Young people, parents and interested volunteers can learn more about how to spot the signs of loneliness, what they can do to help a loved one who is struggling, and how to get help themselves. 

At Storage King, we are proud to sponsor such an inspirational organisation and work together to create a safe space where young people can speak up about their struggles and needs.  

How it works 

It takes an incredible show of strength to ask for help. The unfortunate reality for many young people in the UK is that when a child or young adult does ask for help, their family often lacks the resources to help them get it. This is where YoungMinds and Storage King step in.  

For every self storage customer move-in, Storage King donates £1 to YoungMinds, which goes toward funding their incredible services. From practical advice, helplines and helping young people find the right support for their needs, YoungMinds approaches every young person with kindness, love, care and compassion on their journey to mental wellness.  

If you or a loved one are struggling with any mental health issue, we urge you to reach out to YoungMinds. While there is no magic cure, the path to a better life starts with a single step, and YoungMinds can help you take it. 

If you would like to find out more about YoungMinds, get involved or would like assistance, you can visit their website.

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