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Shining the light on more local businesses

Posted: 09 October 2020

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Have you ever heard of the Sausage Dog Coffee Company? They are one of the businesses that we profiled this week in our Local Business Spotlight. Read more about this unique business and two others below.

Supporting local businesses

  • Chester Excellent Hand Car Wash & Valeting

There aren't many people in the world who don't like the smell and feeling of a freshly cleaned car. In Monday’s Local Business Spotlight we profiled a company in Chester, called Excellent Hand Car Wash and Valeting Centre, who do exactly that! If you are in the Chester area and in need of a valet, give them a call on 07840 406 960.

  • Arthur Rank Hospice Charity

On Wednesday we featured the team from Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, a Cambridgeshire organisation that assists people who are living with advanced and serious illnesses, life-limiting conditions and those needing palliative care. This passionate organisation trusts Storage King Cambridge to keep their items safe and secure so that they can continue to provide support to the local community. To find out more about Arthur Rank Hospice Charity, take a look at their website.

  • Sausage Dog Coffee Company

A fun business with a fun name, The Sausage Dog Coffee Company was born out of a passion for sausage dogs and the love for coffee!  In 2019, the doors to this quirky coffee shop were opened, with the design incorporating a converted 1979 Rice Horsebox. To make the Sausage Dog Coffee Company even more unique, you can order a drink for yourself and your furry friend. Keep an eye out for more news on when they will be re-opening by following their Instagram page. In the meantime, we're keeping their equipment safe for when they can start brewing again.

To keep up to date with the latest businesses that we are featuring each week, follow us on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn. If you own a business and you’re looking for extra space, take a look at our self storage solutions for your business.

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