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Pro packing tips for a painless move

Posted: 01 April 2022

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Whether down the road or across the continent, moving home can turn your life topsy-turvy. From cramming all your stuff into a couple of boxes to jimmying your fridge through the front door, it’s no easy task. While hiring a reliable removals company like our recent Local Business Spotlight feature, Masterclass Removals, is the easiest way to get the job done, a little bit of packing preparation can also go a long way on the day. So, next time you tackle a big move, keep these pro packing tips in mind. 

Pack up room-by-room

Packing up your entire home can be a very overwhelming exercise. Heaps of clutter will begin to surface as you go so it’s important to take your time and work your way through your home, one room at a time. By finishing one room before moving on to the next, you can make sure that no items go missing or land up in the box for the dump.  

Purchase quality packaging

Packaging is just as important as packing. If you buy poor-quality products, you can almost guarantee that an item will break during the move. To ensure all your valuable and fragile items are protected, invest in quality, double-walled boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper. It's also a good idea to buy covers for your furniture and mattresses to protect them from dirt and dust. 

Label your boxes 

No matter how good your memory is you will probably forget where you packed what, resulting in hours searching for your toothbrush the next morning. To save time and your sanity, label each box with the room and list all the items that you’ve packed inside it. This will make moving in and unpacking quick and painless as you’ll know exactly where each box needs to go. 

Move with a company you trust 

One of the most important tips for a stress-free move is to hire a removals company that you can rely on. On move day, the last thing you need is for your removals company not to pitch, leaving you on the street with all your belongings and nowhere to put them. Do some research and book a reputable company in your area in advance to avoid any costly delays. 

If you need to move your belongings in the UK or abroad, check out Masterclass Removals. With over 20 years of experience and a range of tailored services, they make even the most difficult moves a breeze. 

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