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Planning a home renovation? Self storage can help

Posted: 27 August 2019

Planning A Home Renovation? Self Storage Can Help

A home renovation can cause a lot of disruption, even if it’s as simple as a small paint job or a retile of the kitchen.

There are a lot of things to consider, such as protecting all of your household items from dusk or to make sure they are not damaged by careless contractors. If you are doing more extensive work, then you’ll need to consider where to store all of your furniture while your home gets a makeover.

To protect household items and furniture, more and more people across the UK are turning to self storage to make that home renovation a little less stressful. Here’s why.

Why self storage?

Variety and flexibility are the two biggest benefits with self storage. At Storage King, we offer a large selection of storage units from as small as 10 sq. ft to as big as 1,000 sq. ft. So, whether you are renovating one room or the entire house, we have the perfect space for you.

Flexibility is important during a home renovation as the job can often take longer than planned, and in some cases shorter than expected. Being able to store your items for as little as two weeks is important, which is why we offer exactly that. If you find you need more space than expected, you can also upsize to a larger unit at no additional cost. 

By using self storage during a renovation, you remove the risk of damaging your valuables and it gives the team carrying out the job the space to work more efficiently. It also means you don’t have to cram your furniture and other household items into every bit of space you can find. 

If you are hands-on and enjoy tackling DIY projects yourself, why clutter up your garage with your tools and equipment when you can store them safely in your self storage unit? You can finally reclaim the garage and use it for its intended purpose.

Benefits of self storage during a home renovation

  • Safe and secure location – we provide a safe place to store your household contents away from the home. Keeping them dirt and dust free and helping to avoid any potential breakages.
  • Security – our facilities offer high-quality protection such as CCTV surveillance, individually alarmed* units, access tag entry and 24-hour security.
  • 24-hour access* – as self storage works largely as an extension of the home, it is important that the goods are easily accessible at all hours.
  • Flexible leases – if your renovation project is only expected to take a few weeks then our self storage facilities are perfect as we offer flexible leases. As mentioned above, we understand project timelines can change regularly and often cause delays.
  • Packing materials – we make packing easy by stocking a wide range of packing materials at all of our stores.

Why struggle through a stressful renovation when you can use self storage to make the process far more pleasant by taking advantage of self storage at Storage King. Give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a fast online self storage quote here.

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