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Moving meals: 5 snacks to keep your energy up

Posted: 05 July 2022

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Our brains are a lot like children. A little needy, a little unpredictable, and require a great deal of energy to get through the day. But how do we give our brains the tender love and care it requires? Well, let's start with five snacks that will aid in keeping your mental and physical energy on an even-par. 

Trail Mix 

This combination of nuts, dried fruit and sometimes bits of dark chocolate, provides a tasty and long-lasting boost that your brain will love! They also come in small travel-like bags that allow you to carry a couple at all times. 

Apple or Banana with Peanut butter 

Sounds odd, right? Nevertheless, this treat has been rated one of the tastiest, quickest and easiest energy-boosting snacks that are easy to carry and eat almost anywhere. When an energy emergency strikes, pop open the peanut butter, dunk your fruit, and all will be okay. 


Who knew that a snack most people love to enjoy with a good movie could also be a delicious energy booster? Whether you’re popping fresh kernels or picking up a pre-popped bag, go ahead and indulge in this guilt-free delight. But don’t forget to very lightly dust your toppings to keep the sugar count low. 


Hummus can be an anywhere, anytime snack. You can dunk veggies like carrot sticks and sliced bell peppers for a nutritious kick that’ll keep you going all the way to dinnertime. And maybe even have some more as an after-dinner, pre-bedtime snack. 

Hard-boiled eggs 

Eggs pack plenty of protein and vitamins, which is precisely what your body needs to produce long-lasting energy. Plus, it’s easy to make in advance, store and reach for when needed.   

Whether you are going to work, moving house, or even just relaxing at home, these snacks are sure to keep you full and energised. If you’re worried about a lack of space in your pantry cupboard, why not store unessential appliances with Storage King. To find out more about our personal storage services, pop into your nearest branch or get a quote online

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