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More time with self storage

Posted: 26 April 2019

More Time With Self Storage

At Storage King, we pride ourselves on offering convenient and flexible business storage solutions. Over the years we have helped countless businesses with a wide variety of self storage needs. We recently chatted to long-term business customer, Helen Milner, to discuss how self storage has helped her business in a variety of ways, particularly by giving her more time during the day.

Largest saddle fitter in the UK

Helen Milner has been saddle-fitting for 12 years. Before this, she was an event rider and worked with horses on a full-time basis which gave her the experience and knowledge needed to run a successful business. Today she is the largest saddle fitter in the UK of Amerigo and Equipe.

Helen remembers the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. She comments, “Building a business requires really long hours at work, especially in the early years. There are often not enough hours in the day.’’

“This has taken a lot of self-motivation and dedication. There are however incredible highlights such as the feeling of independence and a huge sense of achievement from building your own business.’’

Safely storing your saddles

As Helen mentions, building a business requires a lot of hard work and the investment of time. Helen herself travels all over the country and works while on the road. Self storage has been a huge asset in helping manage her daily business operations. 

When Helen is on the road, the staff at Stor-Age Gloucester are able to accept parcels on her behalf. This is one of the convenient services available to all Storage King customers which many businesses find great value in as it frees up much of their time.

Helen comments, “In addition to Storage King taking my parcels when I’m not available, the security and 24/7 access is invaluable. The staff are fantastic and really helpful.”

Accepting deliveries and providing 24-hour access are just two of the ways that Storage King strives to make business operations more efficient and convenient, giving you more time in the day to focus on other important tasks.

Feel free to call us on 0800 0852 954 and find out more about how our business storage solutions can give you more time in your day and help your business grow.

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