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Men’s high-fashion: how to create a sustainable high-end wardrobe

Posted: 14 April 2022

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Fashion can be a fickle business, with trends coming as fast as they go. While changing your look is not always a bad thing, the downside to following flash trends is that it ultimately leaves you with a wardrobe filled with items that have dated badly. Let’s all take a moment to fondly remember the Von Dutch trucker hat–Ed Hardy bedazzled era of the mid-2000s.  

If you are ready to let go of flash trends and create a more cultivated high-end wardrobe, our latest Local Business Spotlight, M’Essentiel, is a rising star redesigning men’s fashion for the better. From top-quality leather accessories to classic cuts, we have highlighted the top tips to help you elevate your look and make you a M’Essentiel man.  

Detail and quality  

With designer brands - more often than not - you purchase the name more than the quality. Try local boutiques that specialise in limited quantities or handmade goods, and look at the stitching, the seams and overall design. You want to ensure that your items look just as good next season. Remember, the quality of the materials will always shine brighter than any name brand.  

Quality sustainable materials  

You want to build a wardrobe using fabrics that will last long-term and still look great years later. Leather accessories, such as wallets or belts that are vegetable-tanned are an excellent alternative to traditional dyes, and it does not pollute the environment. Fabrics like organic or recycled cotton, organic bamboo, sheep wool, and recycled polyester are great choices.  

Classic with an innovative twist 

Capsule wardrobes are where it’s at these days if you want a more high-end classic look. Classic style is all about creating a seamless wardrobe using only a few essential items. You want to stick to classically structured pieces with a modern twist. The twist is where your personality can shine, so embrace a unique material, a bold print and quality leather accessories.  

Avoid mass produced goods  

While mass-produced clothing items can be cheaper, there is very little focus on quality control as the target is to get it done quickly and cheaply. When building a high-end wardrobe, try to avoid mass-produced items. Limited items from local boutiques may cost a bit more, but you don’t have to buy everything at once. Collect quality pieces bit by bit, building as you go along.  

Colour and texture  

While classic and clean items are a solid foundation on which to build your capsule wardrobe, don’t be afraid to include elements of colour, texture and innovative designs. If you’re going for a structured jacket or pants, don’t shy away from bold colours. If Tan France from Queer Eye taught us anything, it’s that introducing a bit of colour and print - in moderation - is never a bad idea.  

If you’re looking to update your look, check out M’Essentiel. With a clear focus on artisanal design, sustainable materials, and beautifully handcrafted items, building a high-fashion wardrobe will be a breeze.   

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