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This Week in Local Business Spotlight

Posted: 04 September 2020

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Many businesses have begun opening their doors again as life starts going back to normal.

Owning your own business is difficult as is and we understand that it has been difficult to keep business going during these difficult times, which is why we launched our Local Business Spotlight campaign where we feature various local businesses from around the United Kingdom so that the local communities can learn about their products or services.

This week we featured a business that specialises in caring for those who have cerebral palsy and other disabilities in Bedford, a marketing business and a family-run electric business.

Local Business Spotlight:

  • Bedford & District Cerebral Palsy Society

On Monday we started the week by introducing our followers to the team from Bedford & District Cerebral Palsy Society. This organisation, established in 1954, provides playschemes and care for young people with disabilities. While they are providing support and services for those who need it, we keep their operational items safe at Storage King Bedford. To find out more about what this organisation does, take a look at their website.

  • Flourish Marketing

During the middle of the week, we introduced our followers to the team from Flourish Marketing, a promotions company which offers event management services in the UK and abroad. While they are busy developing, launching and promoting products across the UK, we keep their operational items safe at Storage King Weybridge. To find out more, take a look at their website.

  • Helsdown Electrical
  • On Friday we closed the week off by introducing you George from Helsdown Electrical. This family-run business has over 50 years in combined experience. While they are servicing homes in Surrey, South East and beyond, we keep their business items safe at Storage King Weybridge. To find out more about this business, take a look at their website.

To see more of our local business spotlight features be sure to follow our Instagram profile by clicking here. If your business stores with us and you would like to know more about how your business can be featured, DM us on Facebook or Instagram.


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