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Lessons learnt from working remotely

Posted: 01 September 2020

01 September Sk Lessons Learnt From Lockdown

In today's blog post we share some of the lessons that businesses have learnt during lockdown when it comes to working remotely.

Lessons Learnt during Lockdown:

Digital Platforms

During lockdown the light was shone on a variety of video conferencing and task management platforms, such as House Party, Zoom, Hangouts and Teams. There are many more digital platforms that have become popular as a result of lockdown, many of which have helped us to improve our communication strategies digitally. Video calls have become a successful tool to connect with co-workers and means that we are on the road far less. It has also meant that people who have been working remotely previously are included more during this time. Which video platform do you use?

  1. Being productive

Daily check-ins and meetings have been a great way to ensure that teams are staying on track with work that needs to be done. This has resulted in a more collaborative working environment as these check-ins provide the opportunity for members of the team to help each other where they can, often something which didn't really happen before. It also allows the team to understand the roles of the other team members. Going forward, it may be useful to continue having these daily check-in meetings, even if they are in the office to ensure that everyone is on track and that teams can continue to work in co-operation.

  1. Flexible working arrangements

One of the biggest lessons that many businesses have learnt is that we can work remotely, and effectively. Many businesses may choose to adopt more flexible working arrangements in the future, meaning that the traditional office work becomes less of a necessity. If your business works successfully at home, you may want to think about adopting more flexible working arrangements.

  1. Downscale

If you have chosen to work remotely permanently, you could end up saving money by cutting back on the cost of running and maintaining an office space. Running an office is costly and a quick calculation will show you just how much.

If you have chosen to downscale your office space but don't know what to do with all the items you can't fit into your home, it could be time to invest in storage for your business. Take a look at our self storage solutions for your business.

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