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Kennel Store: The crew crafting bespoke homes for our canine companions

Posted: 05 November 2021

Kennel Store

The bond between a person and their pooch is unbreakable. From reducing stress levels with their slobbery kisses to bolstering our immune systems with a game of catch, dogs really are humankind’s best friends. With pets playing such an important role in our lives, it’s only appropriate that they have a kennel fit for a king. Crafting bespoke homes for our canine companions, leading manufacturer and supplier Kennelstore is ensuring they do. 

Kennel Store was founded almost a decade ago by a bunch of animal-loving salesmen, one of which was Mike Nelson. With a passion for pets and making sales, Mike and his colleagues took the plunge and started a business that was the perfect balance of the two. The team began manufacturing customised kennels and supplying them to homeowners in Crewe and soon enough, they were getting calls from celebrities and industry professionals.

Today, Kennel Store is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the UK, providing durable and professional kennel set-ups and accessories. While other dog homes are one-size-fits-all, Kennel Store creates high-quality products that are designed with each dog in mind and built using extra-thick Tanalised timber. The treated wood ensures that the homes can withstand rot, fungal decay and insect invasions for up to ten years. “All of our items are bespoke and made to order,” Mike says. “Each order is completely individual to suit each customer’s expectations.” 

With the dog homes a howling success, Mike and his team were in need of a safe and secure space to store their stock, and fast. Storage King’s Crewe spacious units and flexible contracts were the perfect fit for the team, providing all the space they needed and more. “A huge benefit of Storage King is that deliveries can be sent straight to the store, and if one of our staff members are not present, the staff at Storage King will accept these deliveries for us,” Mike says. “Storage King is also extremely flexible and give us the option to upgrade our space at any time.” 

The team at Kennel Store are dedicated to making dog homes more durable and comfortable for our canine companions. “We have new kennel designs on the way and are also experimenting with different materials,” Mike says. Visit the Kennel Store website to find out more about its high-quality pet products or check out our blog for their top tips to taking your dog on holiday. 

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