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It’s time to organise your work space!

Posted: 10 January 2020

10 Jan Sk Blog Post Office Clutter

As we spoke about in our last blog post, each year we make bold and decisive new year’s resolutions over the festive season. In January there is usually a big focus on making sure we carry through on those new year’s resolutions which were made with much gusto over the holidays.

Each year, decluttering often sits near the top of the resolution list for people across the UK. It’s common to only focus on decluttering our homes while forgetting about organising our office or work space, which is where we usually spend most of our day.

When we organise our working environment we give our minds an opportunity to focus a little more, but it can often be a daunting task. So, to make the process easier we’ve included a few tips here to help you along.

  1. Clearing the room

Don’t make the mistake of taking on too much at one time. Instead of trying to organise the entire office at once, start with one area at a time. Once you’re satisfied with that area, move on to the next one. If it is just your desk that you need to organise, start with your working space first and then move to the drawers and floor. Whichever area you are working on, keep the items you need on a daily basis and donate those that you don’t. For everything else, there’s secure self storage.

  1. Choosing the right storage containers

Storing your items in containers is a great way to keep organised while still keeping them accessible. Make sure that the containers you use are not too bulky but are sturdy enough to stack if needed. If you don’t have a store room or an area in which to keep the containers, use self storage.

  1. Go vertical!

Using overhead space is often overlooked. You can find so much extra space by looking up.  Get those unnecessary items off your desk and the floor by considering overhead shelving. There are plenty of vertical shelving options online.

  1. Multi-purpose furniture

Once you’ve opened up your floor space it’s time to get creative with the extra room that you now have. Multi-purpose furniture is a clever and stylish way to organise your things. What do we mean by multi-purpose furniture? Think ottomans, coffee tables with compartments, folding desks etc. A quick search online will provide plenty of options.

  1. Self storage at Storage King

Clear your working space and become more productive by using Storage King as a safe and convenient place to store the items that you may need later.

If you’re looking for safe and secure self storage, why not give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a quick online self storage quote.

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