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Is your student accommodation a cluttered mess?

Posted: 19 November 2019

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By the end of the semester, students are usually drained as a result of having to meet important academic deadlines, various social events and sporting commitments. 

Considering how best to declutter and organise your student accommodation at this time of year is usually not a priority, and we don’t blame you! We understand that a student has plenty on their plate which usually results in an unorganised living space.

An unorganised space not only clutters your living area, but your mind as well. As student plan for final exams the last thing they need is a distraction. 

We have been helping student unclutter their living space and plan for their holidays correctly by offering safe and affordable student self storage. You may only need to store a few books or you may need to store your entire student accommodation as you plan to move to another residence or area.

Here are a few reasons why thousands of students choose to store with us each year.

Affordable and cost-effective 

Being a student often means running on a tight budget. Our self storage caters for students who are keeping a close eye on their spend. We suggest that students consider sharing a storage unit with friends to cut those costs down even further. You can get an idea of our special student rates here.

It’s logistically simple

We recently teamed up with Hertz 24/7 to provide van rental at a discounted rate. This makes it much simpler for students to move their belongings around (and not have to try to fit a bed into a car!).

It’s great for all your gear

Many students live a multi-faceted life where they have chosen to balance academics with a sport or a hobby. The gear and equipment that goes with these hobbies often starts to pile up and can quickly turn your accommodation into a cluttered mess, making it very difficult to focus on your studies. Why not store your gear with us.

Safe, secure and accessible storage 

Holidays are for relaxing and not for worrying about where to store your stuff safely between semesters. We’ve got you covered! Our facilities offer individually locked units with alarm systems and CCTV cameras.

If you are a student and need some self storage, why not give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a quick quote online.

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