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How to stay fit at home

Posted: 21 April 2020

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Being stuck at home does not mean that exercise needs to go out the window. Yes, we may not be able to go to the gym or take part in our favourite sport, but there are plenty of ways to stay fit while we wait until we can once again pick up our clubs, squash racquet, cricket bat or head down to the local sports club for a game with the lads.

With us all having to adopt technology more than ever, there are plenty of online options when it comes to training at home. This isn’t only important to stay lean and feel good about yourself - being fit is key to staying healthy.

So, declutter that room at home you never use or the area in your lounge and make space for an area to keep fit in.

Here is a list of a few online training options which are mostly free.

Six online workout options

  1. Nike Training Club

The Nike training club has a variety of different workouts that are available for Android or iOS that can be completed at home. Go take a look.

  1. Strava

While stuck at home, running around the garden several times can all add up to a sizeable distance. This app tracks your route, running time and has a few other features. If you are a runner at heart, then this app is great to track average speed for when you can hit the road or mountain again. A chap called Ryan Sandes recently ran 160km in laps around this house in South Africa. What’s your excuse! It’s available on Android or iOS.

  1. Down Dog

Yoga is a great way to get fit while clearing the mind and spending some time on mindfulness. Down Dog is offering the app at a free subscription during the lockdown period. Available on Android or iOS.

  1. Shine

Working out can take different forms. Meditating and practicing mindfulness is an essential part of your physical and mental health. This app helps with guided meditations. Available on Android and iOS.

  1. SWEAT

Brought to you by the fitness icon, Kayla Itsiness. This app has a variety of different high intensity workouts. The full version of the app has the added benefit of workouts from other influencers and the option for meal plans to be included. The app is available on Android and iOS.


How can we not mention Joe Wicks, the man behind The Body Coach. Joe is a man on a mission to rescue people from the dieting industry. You can go and take a look at his approach to health and fitness here.  You can find plenty of free workout videos on his Facebook page.

If you need more space at home to make way for your fitness area, give us a call on 0800 0852 954 and we’ll give you all the space you need.

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