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How to spring clean your kitchen

Posted: 26 April 2022

26 04 22   How to spring clean your kitchen Blog

For those who love nothing more than going to town on a household mess, there are few things more satisfying than walking into a freshly spring cleaned kitchen. From a sparkling sink to pristine pantry organisation and the faint scent of citrus in the air, spring cleaning is a time of joy. Is it absolutely mental to love a clean space this much? Probably. Does it change anything? Not really.  


To help you bring the beauty of cleanliness into your life, we have scoured the internet for the top tips on how to spring clean your kitchen from top to bottom. Get your rubber gloves and lemon-scented cleaner ready - your kitchen is about to shine. 

Get your cleaning supplies organised 

There is nothing worse than starting a thorough cleaning job only to realise halfway through that you’ve run out of cleaning supplies. Taking time to run to the shop breaks your rhythm and makes it easier to put off the cleaning until a later date. Make sure you have plenty of supplies before you start scrubbing. 

Declutter your pantry 

The kitchen is the best spot to declutter. We all have a junk drawer! Start with your drawers, throwing out all the miscellaneous items you haven’t used in over a year. Moving from cupboard to cupboard, remove all items and toss the expired ones hiding way in the back. Give the space a good wipe down before repacking your pantry/cupboards in a system that works for you. From clear containers to large storage bins - give everything a home. 

Fridge and freezer 

Remove all food and trash the expired ones. There may be more than you realise, particularly in the freezer. Pull out the shelves from your fridge and give them a thorough wash. Scrub down the inside of your fridge before replacing everything in an organised system. Don’t forget to wipe down the sticky condiment jars before repacking.  

Get scrubbing 

Baking soda is a wonderful tool for cleaning! Create a cleaning paste with three parts baking soda, one part water and one part dish soap. Apply the paste to your stovetop or sink and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. This baby will cut through grease and food residue like a hot knife through butter. 

A final wipe down 

We’re talking from stem to stern. A few common spots that get overlooked include your cupboard and draw handles, door hinges, cupboard shelves, toaster, kettle and microwave. If your microwave has bits of dried food sticking to it, microwave a mug filled with tap water for 2 minutes and then scrub it down with a damp cloth. The moisture will loosen the food and help lift stains.  


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