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How to spark a successful electrical business from scratch

Posted: 26 November 2021

calcon projects electrical

Energy is an essential part of life – it’s what brightens up our darkest days and powers the possibilities of tomorrow. Propelled to start a business that shed light on people’s lives, Wynand Boshoff founded Calcon Projects Limited and began offering businesses and residents in London expert electrical and maintenance services. 

Now four years later, Calcon Projects Limited is a renowned electrical company committed to providing quality services and support. Whether installing electric vehicle charging points or conducting emergency lighting inspections, the team does it all. Inspired by Wynand’s rapid success, we asked him to share a few lessons he’s learnt along the way. This is what he had to say:  

1. Be organised

Keeping everything in order and accessible is essential because you will ALWAYS have to refer back to the work you’ve already done.

2. Manage your time

You have to be able to manage your time effectively. Know when to work on what and when to spend time with your loved ones otherwise you will become consumed by your work and burn out.

3. Work on your interpersonal skills

When running your own company, you will often have to speak to clients, be that companies or tenants at jobs, and in these moments having good interpersonal skills is essential. Companies and tenants will end up asking specifically for your company if you are polite and patient with them.

4. Build a strong team

Building a team with people that are capable and hard-working is so important. Having a team that supports one another and knows you support them is an advantage in any company and will allow you to make a success of your business and enjoy the work you are doing.

Looking to make your home more energy-efficient or need some general electrical maintenance around the house? Check out Calcon Projects Limited for more on their expert and reliable services. 

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