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How to pack a hospital overnight bag

Posted: 08 July 2022

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Planning on spending a night or two in the hospital? Whether it's for a minor routine procedure or something more serious, spending a few nights in hospital can be stressful. Even though companies like Getinge make the stay a little easier with their long history of creating life-saving medical innovations, they can’t yet match the perfect comfort of your own bed. To help ensure your next hospital stay is a comfortable one, we look at the top items to include in your hospital overnight bag.  


The only thing worse than being at the hospital for an early check-in for your procedure is getting there and realising that you have left your paperwork at home! Ensure that you pack your ID and all other paperwork related to your procedure, such as X-rays and doctor’s letters, early. 

Comfortable clothes 

Hospitals are a place for you to take it easy and heal. A big part of that is packing comfortable clothes. Depending on the reason for your overnight stay, you should stick to loose items in soft fabrics that won't cling to your skin and avoid anything with a tight elastic waistband.  

Button-down pyjamas 

Depending on the procedure you’ve had, your body will likely be sore, and you may have limited mobility for a while. That is why a pair of soft and loose-fitting button-down pyjamas is a must, as it makes it easier for a nurse or loved one to help you get dressed with minimal movement and pain.  

Toiletries and medications 

This might seem simple, but many people forget to pack their medications and basic toiletries. Before leaving the house, double-check that you’ve packed your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, moisturiser, deodorant, lip balm, and chronic medications - preferably in the original packaging.  

Tech essentials 

Staying in hospital overnight or longer gets very boring very quickly, so make sure to pack a few tech essentials to keep you busy and comfortable. Top items to bring include earphones, a cell phone charger as well as the adapter, and a laptop or tablet to binge series, listen to music or read.  

While we can help you prepare for a comfortable overnight stay, it’s companies like Getinge that make the difference. From ensuring maximum equipment performance to supporting hospitals with planning, Getinge has the expertise and resources to better patient care and hospital efficiency. You can read more about their services on their website

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