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How to make the most out of your storage space

Posted: 04 June 2019

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Storage Space

Whether you are relocating, renovating, immigrating, travelling or experiencing a life transition, self storage safely secures your belongings while you take care of whatever needs your attention.

To make the most out of your self storage unit you need to organise it properly. To help you maximise the space in your unit, here are a few handy tips.

1. Choose the correct unit size

It is essential to select a unit that matches your requirements. Explain your needs to the store staff and they’ll be able to advise on the best unit size. This will ensure that no space is wasted, while giving you sufficient space to prevent any items getting damaged. You can use our space estimator here.

2. Pack in a systemised manner

Be strategic and categorise your belongings before storing. This will make locating your items simple in the future, saving you plenty of time. Label your boxes clearly and consider creating an inventory so that you know where to find your items when needed.

3. Use appropriate packaging

Try to pack your belongings into similar sized boxes. Boxes stack easily into a unit and when sealed with tape they will protect your belongings from dust or dirt. We sell a variety of boxes and packing materials at all of our stores to assist with a successful move in.

4. Think before you pack

Organise your space in a thoughtful manner. Pack items and boxes that will not need to be accessed around the sides of the unit, and pack the items you will need regularly in the front of the storage unit (this means packing them last).

5. Stack your items

Protect your items and avoid any damage by packing the heavier, sturdier boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. This will assist in protecting against breakages.

6. Disassemble furniture

Packing furniture into a self storage unit can be a tricky task. If possible, deconstruct your furniture so that the pieces can better fit together. Hollow items, such as wardrobes, drawers and small boxes, can also be used to store other items.

7. Give yourself space

Keep the doorway clear as well as the middle of your unit. When packing your unit, make sure to leave small walkways between the boxes and items to allow you to gain access when needed.

If you looking for a trusted and reliable self storage provider at an affordable price, why not give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a quick online self storage quote here.

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