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How to correctly store your household items

Posted: 09 July 2019

How To Correctly Store Your Household Items

Whether it’s because your family is expanding or you’ve taken up a new hobby, running out of space is a common problem for homes across the UK. The good news is that self storage provides the ideal solution when it comes to creating a convenient and accessible extension of your home.

Do you know how best to plan your self storage unit? These handy tips will help you make the most of the space.

  1. Plan!

Determine exactly what’s going into storage and then plan your space from there. Make sure the bulky, heavy boxes are stacked from the ground up to avoid any breakages. Store items that you’ll need regularly in the front of the unit for easier access.

  1. Group your items according to their categories

Pack smartly and in a systemised manner. Categorise all your belongings and then group them accordingly. Creating a blueprint of your unit to show exactly what is where is a great option. Draw up an inventory list with the different categories and make sure to note any removals or additions of items.

  1. Label and colour code all boxes

This goes hand in hand with the different categories – label and colour code all boxes to help you easily find what you’re looking for. Make sure these labels are visible on all sides of the box and colour code according to its category.

  1. Decide on an appropriate unit size

At Storage King we offer a variety of different storage unit sizes. You also always have the option to either upsize or downsize whenever you need at no extra cost. Use our handy size estimator tool to calculate the space you will need.

  1. Use quality packing materials

Use strong boxes and containers when packing your belongings and make sure to fill all available space to sustain stability. This way you’ll prevent the boxes from collapsing. At Storage King, we provide a wide range of packing materials needed for a successful move. You can order online and collect from a number of our stores.

  1. Pack according to the season

There’s no need to clutter your cupboard, rather use your self storage unit as an extension of your wardrobe. Separate your summer and winter clothes and swap them out depending on the season. Our self storage units are clean and dry so you can leave your favourite item of clothing knowing it will remain in pristine condition.

  1. Garden equipment

If you are storing garden equipment in your self storage unit, ensure that it has been cleaned. Pack sharper equipment, such as forks and spades, in protective gear or bubble wrap to avoid any tears in furniture or other surrounding items.

  1. Avoid rust

Bicycles and other metal items will rust over time if not protected. To prevent rust, wipe all metal surfaces with a proper rust agent and make sure there is no water or moisture on the items. Check up on these items each time you visit your self storage unit.

At Storage King, we understand our customers’ needs. Whatever the reason, we’ve got plenty of personal storage solutions while providing safe and secure, flexible, convenient and affordable household self storage.

For more information visit our website or call us on 0800 0852 954.

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