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How to better secure your digital files

Posted: 31 August 2022

30 Aug Blog

Technology is advancing faster than ever before. From the early days of Facebook to the ground-breaking metaverse, the digital influence in our lives is growing at a substantial rate.  

While virtual reality is the stuff of dreams, as our digital lives grow, so too does the risk of having our information compromised. To ensure you stay clear of cybercriminals, we look at how to better secure your digital files and stay safe online.  

Audit your security  

Make it a habit to regularly review your digital file storage system. This will enable you to identify any vulnerabilities and form long-lasting solutions quickly. Remember to diarise when the latest software version will be available; this will also help keep security airtight. 

Hard drives should be encrypted 

Whether it’s your work laptop or personal tablet, encryption is the ideal step to keep your digital files safe. If your device is stolen or hacked, any data it contains will be protected with the encryption you have installed, rendering the device useless to anyone other than you. 

Regularly update your software 

Keeping your software up to date is one of the most hassle-free ways to secure files. Along with new user features, software updates also include enhanced cybersecurity measures to protect your digital files and combat increased hacking and online scam activity. 

Offer staff online-safety refresher courses 

Not all staff are tech-savvy. Train your team on the company's data protection tools, such as VPNs and data encryption, and make sure they know the process when dealing with any digital safety concerns or phishing attacks. 

Keeping information secure goes beyond the digital world. Give your confidential physical documents secure space with Storage King's business storage units. To learn more about our file storage or shredding services, give us a call on 0800 0852 954, pop into your nearest facility for a tour or request an easy quote online

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