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How self storage helps students

Posted: 03 May 2019

How Self Storage Helps Students

Most people remember their student years as a continual balancing act, between having to find the time for social and sporting commitments while meeting important academic deadlines. It’s a lifestyle that many students describe as a rollercoaster ride which leaves them feeling completely shattered at the end of the semester.

Then there is the added stress for many students of having to arrange accommodation either at the start of their studies or between semesters. Students often don’t stay in the same accommodation, moving numerous times throughout their years of study. These moves often leave students with the problem of where to store their items when they are between moves. This is where self storage comes in handy.

Having an affordable, safe and convenient space to store your items takes a lot of stress away, often during holiday times when you should in fact be relaxing.

Each year we help thousands of students with their self storage needs. Here’s why they choose us:

Safe, secure and accessible storage 

At Storage King we provide safe and secure self storage. This means that you can relax during your holidays or in the lead up to your studies and not have to worry about where to store your items. Our facilities offer individually locked units with alarm systems and CCTV cameras. In addition to the security, our facilities are also conveniently accessible with stores open after work hours and some even 24/7.

Logistically simple

We make it incredibly easy for students to move their belongings around by offering a van rental hire service at discounted rates. We recently teamed up with Hertz 24/7 to provide a fleet of vans to transport items to and from our stores*.  

Affordable and cost-effective

We understand that students have to be budget conscious and so our student self storage caters for those on a tighter budget. We suggest that students consider sharing a storage unit with a friend as this will cut down costs even further. Get a student self storage quote here.

Great for all your gear

Life at university or college is multi-faceted and many students choose to balance academics with a sport or hobby. The equipment can start to pile up though which can quickly turn your student accommodation into a cluttered mess. Self storage is a great solution to safely storing your gear when you are not using it. Just remember to clean your equipment before putting them into storage. Our team can show you how.

If you are a student and need some self storage, why not give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a quick quote online.

*selected stores only

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