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Flourish Marketing: Helping businesses build connections with customised gifts

Posted: 21 January 2022

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We’ve all received a toneless email or automated message from a company thanking us for our support and loyalty over the years – but does this ever make you feel special and appreciated? Flourish Marketing was founded to create tangible marketing solutions that inspired lasting connections between businesses and their communities. 

The team at Flourish Marketing have a range of services that take a fresh approach to traditional corporate gifting and marketing, including customised pens and apparel, and even BBQ trailers and creative prints. With over 50 000 products to choose from, the options to promote your business and form meaningful relationships with customers and staff are endless. 

We recently checked in with Louise Etson, one of the master marketers at Flourish, to find out how the bunch of creatives are helping businesses across the UK build brand recognition, engagement and loyalty.

For those who don’t know, what is Flourish Marketing all about?  

Flourish Marketing was established to support companies who are running increasingly lean on resources and yet have an increasing demand on outcomes. We supply businesses with tangible marketing solutions, such as brand reminders, gifts and clothing with their company logo branded on them to promote their brand.

My role is to keep abreast of all products in order to offer our clients products for trade shows, conferences, gifts with purchase, competition gifts or to complement their digital marketing campaigns.

Where did Flourish Marketing begin and how has the business evolved since?

Flourish was founded in Australia (where our Head Office is still located) in order to offer businesses an alternative to the traditional pads, pens and post-it notes that most of our competitors offer. We opened the UK office in 2013 and already have several clients in the UK who had moved from Sydney to London and couldn’t find a supplier with the range of items that Flourish offers! 

What are some unexpected hurdles you encountered along the way?

The majority of challenges we encounter result from freight and/or customs delays. In the past, we have driven through the night with deliveries to fulfil a client’s expectations!

Why corporate gifting? What exactly attracted you to the industry?

I have a low boredom threshold and this job means I get to do something different every day as we have millions of products to offer our clients! I love it when I find the perfect item for one of our clients.

What makes Flourish the best in the business? 

We offer an enormous range of off-the-shelf and custom made products and we apply our marketing expertise to our client’s requirements. We don’t just sell them a pen – even though pens are often a good part of the mix!

Why did you choose Storage King as your self storage facility?

Primarily because of the location, but I also met one of the managers at a local networking event several years ago and we still keep in touch today!

Do you have any new and exciting projects planned for 2022?

We are developing work-from-home packs, virtual conference packs and virtual reality items. The new technology items we have coming up are really exciting!

Are you looking for the perfect gift or branded item for your business? Visit Flourish Marketing and browse their incredible range of products and services. 

Do you have a business story that you would like us to hear about? Send us a message on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to be part of our Local Business Spotlight campaign. You can also email us at [email protected].

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