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Five reasons why you should shred

Posted: 12 May 2020

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With so much more time spent at home, many of us have put a lot of energy into decluttering our homes, whether that be our bedrooms, living room or even our home office spaces.

One thing that does seem to build up quickly, is paperwork. This could be confidential documents, bills, statements or even magazines. To simply throw these items away would not only be risky if they contain confidential information, but it’s also not necessarily good for the environment.

This is where shredding comes in. It’s a great way to conveniently dispose of confidential paperwork while at the same time reduce environmental impact, if you use the right shredding company of course.

Did you know that we offer secure shredding at each of our stores?

Here are five reasons you should shred with Storage King:

  1. Security

Although we all try to do our best at being paperless, the truth of the matter is that we all have to print documents at some stage, whether for our business or at home. We often print or receive documents in the post that contain sensitive information. Don’t risk your confidential data – shred it.

  1. Legislation compliance

All organisations in the UK have to comply with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Our shredding service provides peace of mind and ensures compliance with the law. If you are worried about being compliant, you’ll be pleased to hear that our shredding is in compliance with this act.

  1. Prevent data theft

Identity fraud is a serious problem and costs the UK £3.3 billion a year. This means it has affected over a quarter of the UK's adult population! Our safe and secure shredding services can minimise the risk of information getting into the wrong hands.

  1. It’s good for the environment

Every document that is securely shredded is recycled, which means you are playing your part for the environment. If you are a company, not only does this prevent data theft but it also help improves your organisation’s environmental footprint .

If you are looking to improve your organisation’s security by discarding of sensitive documents safely and securely, take a look at our shredding service here. If you aren’t looking to shred your information but rather safety store it, we can help you there as well. Why not give us a call on 0800 0852 954.

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