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Five reasons people are fleeing the city

Posted: 28 October 2022

14 Oct Five Reasons People Are Fleeing The City Blog 1

The city has always been a place of opportunity and possibility. However, for some people, the allure of city life is starting to wear off. If you've grown tired of the city crowds and noise and are eager for a change of scenery and lifestyle, we can help. Below, we look at the top five reasons people are fleeing the city and making a run for country living.  

More affordable living 

With ongoing inflation, the cost of living is rising and nowhere more so than in the city. Thanks to the rise of remote work, many professionals are heading countryside to enjoy a lower cost of living and a higher quality of life without sacrificing their careers.  

More room for life 

Aside from extravagant expenses, city living is infamous for its tight living spaces. Many people - particularly those with little ones - crave the space of the suburbs. Whether you want a larger kitchen, extra bedrooms, a home office or a beautiful garden, you're sure to get more land for your quid outside the city.  

A tight-knit community 

City living can be lonely despite the crowds and noise. One of the biggest benefits of country living is the chance to connect with neighbours and become part of a community that sticks together. Let’s be honest - having a friendly neighbour to watch your back is never a bad thing. 

Lower crime rate 

Having neighbours who seem to know your every move may take a little getting used to, but since everyone knows their neighbours, it's often more difficult for criminal activity to go unnoticed. As a result, country living can offer a sense of safety and security not standard in the CBD - a big win for people living alone and growing families. 

A slower lifestyle 

Life in the country is simply more enjoyable. There's a slower pace of life and a greater focus on family and relationships. If you're ready to say goodbye to traffic jams and noise, the countryside may be the perfect place to call home. 

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