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First Time Buyers: Moving Into Your First Home

Posted: 16 April 2018

First Time Buyers Moving Into Your First Home

Moving into your first home is an incredible feeling. Alongside excitement, it provides a great sense of achievement and relief! But, as well as the positive emotions, it can also become a stressful and anxious experience, especially if you aren’t organised.

To help, we’ve put together some handy moving house tips. Here are five of our top tips that should be added to your new home checklist to make moving easier. It can be hard to remember to do these when you have a stack of things on your to-buy list, but these tips can really help to reduce stress and help you enjoy the experience.

Set up household utilities

Use comparison websites and see if you can save money on your new energy bills. If they’re aware that the previous owners have left, they may contact you with a tariff that is higher than what you need. It’s best to save this hassle and set up household utilities yourself. Don’t forget to organise wi-fi!

Change locks

It may seem unnecessary, but it is worth changing the locks on your new place when you move in. Who knows how many family members/friends/ex-partners of the previous homeowners have spare keys! You don’t want any uninvited visitors, and this leaves you with a peace of mind that only you and your loved ones can gain access.

Tell people your new address

It won’t only be annoying for your old housemates and parents to constantly get your post, but you might actually miss out on important documents. Let your bank and workplace know, as well as any magazine or newspaper subscriptions. Also, don’t forget your friends and family! After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any birthday cards or presents.

Get removal quotes

Removal companies aren’t cheap, especially when you book them last minute. Shop around and you might find some great deals, and remember, prices on weekends and during school holidays are often heightened. It may be tempting to do it yourself, but these companies are experts for a reason and they will move your valuables safely and securely.

Moving house storage

Most removal companies charge based on the number of belongings and boxes you have. To save money, only move your valuables and essentials, and put the rest into self storage. This also gives you the flexibility to move it in when you want, and you can avoid that overwhelming feeling of being confronted with piles of boxes in every room.

Now you’ve got these checked off the moving house list, you can enjoy every moment of moving into your first home! If you’re looking for secure self storage space to put your new sofa or dining table, find your local storage facility and get a quote now.

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