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Eco-business Finds Sustainable Solution In Self Storage

Posted: 25 February 2019

Eco Business Finds Sustainable Solution In Self Storage

Hartdean Ltd produce the EcoKnit brand of towels, known to be the most technically advanced, energy efficient, eco-friendly cotton terry towels in the world today. Paul Balladon, Director at Hartdean, recognised that EcoKnit towels offer a truly unique opportunity to reduce energy and water costs while saving time and increasing the lifespan when compared to traditional towels.

Paul is also a customer of Storage King Milton Keynes, and so we spoke to him recently about his business growth.

Through his entrepreneurial journey in the eco-industry, Paul has learnt that being able to create your own working hours is a great perk. He also acknowledges that as an owner your working hours are typically longer if you want to achieve success. This is especially true in volatile working conditions in a competitive economic environment. He comments, “Don’t try and create a business doing what someone is already doing, do something different. Stand out.”

Hartdean is based in Bletchly, Milton Keynes where they take advantage of the business storage solutions offered by Storage King Milton KeynesSelf storage gives Hartdean the flexibility they require to expand as they see necessary.

Paul comments, “The Storage King facility is very different to other self storage facilities. The premises are large and even allow for artic lorries to move around in some of the units. Our unit specifically has large roller shutter doors and plenty space.”

Business storage in Milton Keynes

Storage King Milton Keynes, located in Water Eaton Industrial Estate in Bletchley, offers a variety of different sized units to meet your business storage needs. Our flexible rental agreements are a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to large warehousing spaces which can be expensive. With us you can upsize or downsize depending on your needs at no extra cost, meaning you are only paying for the space you need.

All business tenants at Storage King Milton Keynes can expect the following benefits:

  • 24-hour access to the facility
  • Secure units monitored by alarms and CCTV
  • Secure document shredding facilities
  • Helpful and friendly staff manning reception during office hours
  • Discounts on local van-hire
  • Free use of pallet trucks and trolleys
  • Discounts for prepaid long-term rentals
  • Refunds on unused prepaid days

We proudly work alongside growing businesses in the area by providing a sustainable and cost-effective business storage solution. If you need self storage in the Buckinghamshire area, give us a call on 01908 643 332, or get a quick and easy online quote.

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