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Dream Doors’ secret to building a successful renovation company

Posted: 27 August 2021

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Some people believe dreams only come true in fairy tales, but Steve Jardine and the crew at Dream Doors are dedicated to proving the impossible. The renovation specialists have been working their magic across the UK for over 20 years, helping people achieve their dream kitchens for a fraction of the price. Working with a team of joiners, fitters and design specialists, they create unreal transformations which have won them multiple awards. Steve and his team have made thousands of dream spaces a reality, becoming one of the UK’s leading kitchen makeover companies. Here’s how they did it: 

1. Listen to your customer

To truly bring your client’s vision to life, you need to understand exactly what they want. It’s important that you listen to them and clearly identify their requirements before starting any project. 

2. Surround yourself with good, reliable people

We have close to 100 family-owned businesses all operating under the Dream Doors brand. Although we are a large and diverse team spread across the UK, we all share the same vision and work together to uphold Dream Doors’ high standards.

3. Pay attention to the details

Attention to detail makes the overall impact much stronger. We have a close-knit team of joiners and fitters, as well as design specialists in the showroom and workshop who are dedicated to the ethos of attention to detail.

4. Deliver on what you promise

With each project made up of so many elements sourced from a wide range of producers, good planning is the key to getting it right. Everything needs to fall into place at absolutely the right time so make sure you have an effective project management system in place and that you communicate with your suppliers and team.

5. Enjoy what you do – and smile about it

Your attitude has a direct impact on your work, so if you aren’t passionate about what you do, it’ll show in the end result. Remind yourself why you entered the industry and remember that you’re creating unique spaces that your customers will cherish for years to come. 

With over 90 000 installations and counting, the team at Dream Doors hope to continue to create unique and affordable kitchen renovations in households across the UK and beyond. To find out more about Dream Doors and their incredible kitchen makeovers, visit their website or check out their business journey on our blog.

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