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Creating the freedom to work as a digital nomad

Posted: 29 October 2019

Creating The Freedom To Work As A Digital Nomad

Working remotely while travelling the world has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. An increasing number of people are now location-independent, free-roaming yet tech-driven, thanks to the freedom granted by a simple internet connection – there’s even a Nomad cruise, where 250 digital nomads from around the world meet up at a networking event at sea.

The business landscape is continuously evolving and technology has made it easy to remain productive while travelling to new destinations and experiencing different cultures.

How does one balance work and travel?

Digital nomads aim to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle where they work productively while adventuring and relaxing at the same time.

Working in an environment of your choice has proven benefits for heathier living and better productivity. While living the life of a digital nomad sounds attractive, especially for the younger generation, it is essential to plan and prepare properly before setting off.

Creating the freedom

One of biggest challenges of being a digital nomad is ensuring you have the money to travel. A lot of people pack up their homes and sell some of their belonging to generate capital, while packing up the rest of their valuable items and storing them in self storage.

Self storage, which is perfect for personal belongings such as furniture, appliances and sporting goods, give digital nomads a safe place to store their items while they jet off on their adventure. They can rest assured that when the time comes to return home, they won’t need to start over again.

To further help with cash flow, those looking to travel for an extended period rent out their homes while they are abroad.

Self storage at Storage King

Self storage allows you the opportunity to store your items in a safe and secure unit at one of our convenient located stores, ready for you to access as soon as you return.

The convenience of our flexible leases at competitive rates and a variety of unit sizes means that you only need to pay for the space that you need. In fact, you can rent a unit for as short of two weeks or for as long as you need. 

With technological advancements making it easy to communicate globally, and self storage providing a safe space for your belongings, you can live the life of a digital nomad stress-free.

If you are travelling abroad and looking for a reputable, trusted and reliable self storage facility, why not give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a quick online self storage quote.

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